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Data + Info

Prioritization Analysis helps answer “What new bottom data do we need most?”

By Xiaofan Zhang, GLOS Cyberinfrastructure Data Analyst Intern in 2021 Originally published on the...

Data + Info
A presenter on a stage speaks to a small audience

2019 IOOS Code Sprint

In October of 2019, over 45 participants representing IOOS regional associations, partners, vendors, and...

Data + Info
Joe and Xiaofan

GLOS welcomes two data minds to the team

This month, GLOS staff is excited to welcome Joe Smith and Xiaofan Zhang. Joe...

Data + Info
Grand Circus student project for a buoy app

Tech bootcamp students learn as they build using real-time data from GLOS

Students at Grand Circus, a tech training bootcamp based in Michigan, learned to handle real-time...