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GLAMR: ‘Omics Data in the Great Lakes

The Geomicrobiology Lab, supported by CIGLR and NOAA-GLERL through the NOAA ‘Omics program, is...

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Historical observing data is available on Seagull

The past decade of observing data sent to GLOS has been available on Seagull...

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New Seagull Features June 2023: Pinning, sorting, and list view

Now on Seagull you can pin your favorite parameters, sort by data type, and...

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Three people sit in front of a Seagull backdrop. Their image is on a computer.

Seagull Users Livestream guests talk sharing data, climate change, and updates to the user interface

For this month’s Seagull Users Livestream, we got to talk with: Carolyn DuBois, Executive...