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David Fitch


Sept. 17-19, 2024 | Lakebed 2030 Conference

Register now for the Lakebed 2030 conference Sept. 17-19, 2024, in Traverse City, MI!

Data + Info

Historical observing data is available on Seagull

The past decade of observing data sent to GLOS has been available on Seagull...

Data + Info

New Seagull Features June 2023: Pinning, sorting, and list view

Now on Seagull you can pin your favorite parameters, sort by data type, and...

Lake News

Jennifer Boehme named new GLOS CEO, will begin in August

Last Friday, the Great Lakes Observing System board named Jennifer Boehme the new Chief...

A collage shows people speaking and interacting at a meeting.

ARCHIVED | 2023 | Annual Meeting, Seagull Workshop, and IAGLR Conference yield renewed connections, fresh ideas

Our May 8 Annual Meeting and Seagull Workshop gave our staff and board the...

Data + Info
Three people sit in front of a Seagull backdrop. Their image is on a computer.

Seagull Users Livestream guests talk sharing data, climate change, and updates to the user interface

For this month’s Seagull Users Livestream, we got to talk with: Carolyn DuBois, Executive...