Updated: Sept 8, 2022


New platforms are being added to Seagull each week, thanks to generous observers invested in collecting and sharing Great Lakes data: free, easily accessible, and open to all.

Here are some of the most recently added platforms for you to check out.

Note: Although these stations are connected, not all are actively transmitting data yet and will be marked “Unavailable” on Seagull.

Have a platform to connect? Learn more and get in touch here.


Format: Platform Name | ID | Operated By

Lake Michigan

Petoskey State Park Weather Station | PSP | Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians (LTBB Odawa Indians)

Wilderness State Park Weather Station | WSP | LTBB Odawa Indians

Bliss Beach Weather Station | BLISS | LTBB Odawa Indians

Dgowak (waves) Weather Buoy | DGOWAK | LTBB Odawa Indians

Green Bay Entrance Light Monitoring Station | GBEL | NEW Water

Fox River Monitoring Station | FOXR | NEW Water

Salmon Unlimited of Wisconsin Buoy | 45199 | Salmon Unlimited of WI

Green Bay LoRaWan Platform 0 | GB000 | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

McGulphin Point North, MI Wave Buoy | 45194 | Michigan Tech.


Lake Michigan Watershed

GBW000 at Mahon Creek | GBW000 | University of Wisconsin-Green Bay


Lake Erie

Lake County Department of Utilities East Sonde | LCDUe | Lake County Dept. of Utilities

Lake County Department of Utilities West Sonde | LCDUw | Lake County Dept. of Utilities

RAEON Buoy 6 and Sensor Line | RAEON6 + RAEON6-SL | University of Windsor RAEON

HW Monroe | WIM_968 | Wayne State University

RAEON Buoy 5 and Sensor Line | UWRAEON5 + UWRAEON5-SL | University of Windsor-RAEON

RAEON Buoy 7 and Sensor Line | UWRAEON7 + UWRAEON7-SL | University of Windsor-RAEON

Flood Dog Site 001 | FD001 | Flood Dogs


Lake Erie Watershed

Defiance Water Treatment Plant Monitoring Station | DEFWTP | City of Defiance

HTLP Wolf Creek | HTLPWOL | National Center for Water Quality Research (NCWQR) at Heidelberg University

HTLP Portage River | HTLPPOR | NCWQR at Heidelberg University

HTLP Unnamed Tributary to Lost Creek | HTLPUTL | NCWQR at Heidelberg University

HTLP Sandusky River | HTLPSAN | NCWQR at Heidelberg University

HTLP Honey Creek | HTLPHON | NCWQR at Heidelberg University

HTLP Rock Creek | HTLPROC | NCWQR at Heidelberg University

HTLP Blanchard River | HTLPBLA | NCWQR at Heidelberg University

HTLP West Creek | HTLPWES | NCWQR at Heidelberg University

HTLP South Turkeyfoot | HTLPSTU | NCWQR at Heidelberg University

HTLP Tiffin River | HTLPTIF | NCWQR at Heidelberg University


Lake Superior

Mawickwe Bay Panther Buoy | MBB | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Isle Royale West | SPOT-1810 | Michigan Tech.


St. Clair River

HW Port Huron | WIM_355 | Wayne State University

HW Marysville | WIM_352 | Wayne State University

HW St. Clair | WIM_357 | Wayne State University

HW East China | WIM_349 | Wayne State University

HW Marine City | WIM_831 | Wayne State University

HW Algonac | WIM_832 | Wayne State University

Blue Water Bridge | BWB | US Army Corps of Engineers


Lake St. Clair

HW Ira Township | WIM_351 | Wayne State University

HW Grosse Point Farms | WIM_350 | Wayne State University


Detroit River

HW Water Works Park | WIM_358 | Wayne State University

HW Wyandotte | WIM_359 | Wayne State University

HW Southwest | WIM_356 | Wayne State University


Sondes like this YSI EXO have interchangeable sensors that can be swapped out depending on individual monitoring needs. In HAB-prone western Lake Erie, sondes often feature sensors for turbidity, pH, chlorophyll, and more.
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