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Connecting people to the Great Lakes.

Mockup of Seagull platform in a desktop and mobile phone
An image of a desktop app showing Lake Michigan. A green dot is selected, and the side panel displays buoy data.

Check live conditions

Picking a green dot on Seagull and scrolling through lake measurements

Discover lake trends

Download data

Check forecast models

Picking a green dot on Seagull and scrolling through lake measurements

Check live conditions

Discover lake trends

Download data

Check forecast models

A powerful, cloud-based platform

✅ Free to use and open to everyone

✅ Publicly-funded

✅ The IOOS-certified data source for the Great Lakes

The platform was launched on April 28, 2022 at Glosapalooza in Chicago.

U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System Certified Regional Association
A man leans over the edge of a boat to drop a small buoy into the water.

Connecting your data to Seagull is easy and free.

Staff are here help!

Deploying the Grand Marais buoy. Photo by Superior Watershed Partnership and Land Conservancy.

🕊️ Interested in bringing Seagull to your community? 

We’re looking for people who are connected with their local communities, whether that’s the boat shop, conservation group, or beach, to help bring Seagull to more people.

This could mean putting up a QR code sign, or a flier, or just connecting us with other observers.

Interested or have ideas?

This could be a city, beach, marina, boating club, conservation group, or other community you're connected with.
Please tell us a bit abut what you do on the lakes how you'd be interested in helping share Seagull with your community!

Seagull Vision

Some features described here are still in development. Subscribe to hear what we are working on.


Deploy a wide variety of monitoring platforms and sensors with ease, complete with metadata.

Measure a range of parameters in real-time or delayed mode, from wave height to chlorophyll to bathymetry, and more.

Transmit authenticated data to the secure Seagull cloud, directly from the monitoring platform.


Check that applicable data satisfies US federal standards with Seagull’s IOOS-certified data infrastructure.

Integrate with Seagull using flexible API’s to send and receive data from models, platforms, or other data streams, joining them to the wider network.

Distribute trusted data to other publicly discoverable services automatically, including to secure government archives and data hubs.


Visualize monitoring and model data via user-friendly graphs, an interactive map, and more.

Analyze historical, real-time, and forecast data trends. Dive deep into complementary data, or get a bird’s-eye view of diverse platforms, all in one place.

Configure the Seagull experience with filters, favorites, measurement units, and more. Join a group of other observers to further tailor the experience.


Notify via text message, in-app notifications, or email as conditions change. Set automatic alerts based on custom thresholds.

Report observations about the water or trends in the data to keep the rest of the community informed.

Share insights directly to social media by posting links, beautiful maps, simple graphics, and more.

Contribute data and discover information

Seagull features simple data onboarding, cloud-powered processing, and on-demand information.

Simple data onboarding icon

Simple Data Onboarding

Easily connect your observing device or other data source to Seagull and see it live. Share it with thousands of people around the Great Lakes.

Getting data from devices and servers to you should be easy.

Seagull streamlines the process of connecting a data source so you can visualize it, learn from it, and share it. Monitor a whole fleet of observing assets and track their health, position, data streams, and hardware.

Beyond buoys and weather stations, the platform will also support forecast and predictive models, bathymetric surfaces, streaming internet of things (IoT) data, and a variety of other data formats, sources and metadata.

Your public content will be shared with thousands of end-users including researchers, water utilities and boaters. And Seagull’s standardized, accurate metadata makes it easy for others to search and discover your data, devices, and research, creating opportunities to connect and collaborate.

Want to connect your platform to Seagull? It’s easy and free.


cloud icon


Keep an eye on your devices or datasets, leveraging automated processing and alerts to stay on top of what’s going on in the water.

Manage your data, enrich your research, and make better decisions with Seagull’s cloud-powered processing capabilities.

Secure data management, automatic processing, the ability to combine or reference other related data streams, and more, makes your data more powerful when uploaded to Seagull.

Want to know when conditions are ripe for an algal bloom? Set an alert and get notified on your smartphone the next time conditions are met.


  • Advanced data management
  • Uses secure, stable, and scalable infrastructure
  • Automated processing
  • Smart notifications and alerts
  • Encrypted user authentication
information icon

Information on Demand: Discoverable and Accessible

Understand the data and make smart decisions. Observers can easily search, navigate the map, select and query data, visualize results, and share findings. If you want to connect another app to Seagull, the flexible API lets you do that, giving you access to all the datasets through a simple connection point.

Data isn’t useful until it becomes information in the hands of someone who needs it.

Seagull will transform data to information and make discovering and accessing that information easier and faster.


  • Visualization and analysis
  • Search and discover
  • Access via API and download
  • Apps and maps
  • Sharing
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GLOS developed Seagull in support of the Smart Great Lakes Initiative.