For this month’s Seagull Users Livestream, we got to talk with:

  • Carolyn DuBois, Executive Director of the Water Program at the Gordon Foundation and mastermind behind DataStream, about the value of shared watershed data and connecting to Seagull.
  • Mike McKay, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Institutes for Environmental Research and Researcher at the University of Windsor, about how the scientific community is coming around to increased data sharing throughout the region (Sorry about the Maple Leafs, Mike.)

See the whole episode, or skip to a chapter of interest. A few of our favorites:

🔴 Shelby: Seagull Updates

🔴 Mike: What are the benefits and challenges of using open data platforms?

🔴 Carolyn: Are DataStream and Seagull frenemies?

Three people sit in front of a Seagull backdrop. Their image is on a computer.
We went live from the media room at the IAGLR conference.
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