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IOOS Certified

Observing data shared through GLOS is IOOS Certified, meaning that it’s trusted, valuable, and will have a wider scientific reach.

U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System Certified Regional Association

Data served via GLOS is certified by the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS), which means that it adheres to common federal standards for the entire data lifecycle.

GLOS is the Great Lakes’ Regional Information Coordination Entity (RICE). Because of this, your data can be easily shared with other researchers and data systems and better integrated into the network.

Many researchers and organizations choose to connect their data to GLOS because IOOS Certified data:

  • Adheres to best practices for data collection, quality control, naming, storage, archival, and integrations.
  • Is trusted and shareable across both federal and non-federal organizations.
  • Can be used confidently by users including boaters, beachgoers, policymakers, and resource managers.
  • Fulfills many data publishing requirements for federal grants from EPA, NSF, and NOAA.
  • Is continually monitored and cross-checked by GLOS staff.
  • Is archived with NOAA’s National Center for Environmental Information for long-term access.
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Real-time observing data undergoes an additional set of steps to ensure that it is high quality, standardized, and trustworthy.

Curious about connecting data?

Documents for IOOS Certification

IOOS Certification One-Sheet

I. Organizational Documents

IOOS Proposal 2021-2025

IOOS Decision Letter 2021

GLOS 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

GLOS Michigan Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption

GLOS Bylaws

GLOS Standard Operating Manual

GLOS Operations Management Roles and Responsibilities

Jennifer Boehme, Chief Executive Officer

Tim Kearns, Chief Information Officer

II. Data Management and Communications Documents (DMAC)

GLOS Overview (Rev. April 2016)

Snapshot of NODC Submittal Information Form for GLOS (Rev. 11/30/2015)

Quality Documents


GLOS Quality Management Processes (Rev. Jan 2016)

GLOS QA/QC Documentation (Rev. May 2016)

GLOS Assets/Inventory (Rev. Apr. 2016)

GLOS 2017 Quality Management Plan (QMP) (Rev. March 2017)

QMP Appendix 1: GLOS Q/QC Report Guidelines

QMP Appendix 2: Observing Systems Quality Guidance

QMP Appendix 3: Data Management Quality Guidance

NDOC Submission Information Form


Tim Kearns, Chief Information Officer

Joe Smith, Cyberinfrastructure Engineer

Sneha Bhadbhade, Senior Advisor


RPS Group

Digital Industry Group (DIG)

III. Other Archived Documents

IOOS Certification Application 2016

GLOS Bylaws 2014

IOOS Decision Letter 2011

GLOS Strategic Plan 2011-2015

IOOS Proposal 2011-2015

GLOS Enterprise Architecture Design Report

Appendix A Tech Memos

Appendix B Trade Studies

Appendix C Concept of Operations

Appendix D Design Implementation Plan

NOAA Cooperative Agreement

Data Management Flow

GLOS Data Management Team Roles and Responsibilities

Personnel and Project Evaluation Processes