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Storm approaching a beach
Mockup of Great Lakes and Buoy data on a computer and phone


Seagull—a powerful, cloud-based platform for Great Lakes data and information

GLOS built Seagull to help connect people to the water like never before. A powerful, cloud-based platform, Seagull re-imagines how connected data becomes information and insights in peoples’ hands.

Seagull enables observers to:

  • Understand live lake conditions and make informed decisions
  • Contextualize information using search, a beautiful map, and simple visualizations
  • Easily connect a device or data source and share it with thousands of other people
  • Track their buoy, sensor, or other observing platform in real-time

Legacy Apps

Some legacy applications will be phased out as Seagull adds functionality.

[Decommissioned] GL Buoys

Displayed live data from buoys, sondes, and other platforms. Now, see these stations on Seagull.

Data Portal

Real-time, predictive, and historical data from across the region.


Great Lakes Geospatial Metadata Catalog

Information on hundreds of datasets.


Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry Observation System

A hub for fish tracking data.


Maumee River Nutrient Tracker

Yearly trends for phosphorus and other nutrients.


Huron-Erie Spill Scenario Tool

A spill simulator to help protect drinking water.


Spotter Buoy floating near Stannard Rock Lighthouse

Anchor-free: Researchers plan an unmoored buoy experiment for late May

  Later this month, a buoy will be set loose in Lake Superior to...

SeaTrac ASV

Researchers at NOAA plan to test an autonomous boat in Maumee Bay this summer

Image by SeaTrac Systems In January, a trailer pulled up to the NOAA Great Lakes...

GLOS logo

GLOS just purchased a new glider – Watch the “unboxing” video

  Buoys aren’t the only thing collecting data while floating through Great Lakes waters....