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David Fitch

Smart Great Lakes
A photo of a buoy near Chicago

Via WBEZ Chicago: “Experts say more ‘smart’ technology is needed in the Great Lakes to monitor climate change”

Article by Mark LeBien from WBEZ Chicago, published Jan. 3, 2021: "It’s time to...


April 25-28, 2022 | Glosapalooza

Glosapalooza is a chance for observers of all sorts to hear the latest from...

Data + Info

Prioritization Analysis helps answer “What new bottom data do we need most?”

By Xiaofan Zhang, GLOS Cyberinfrastructure Data Analyst Intern in 2021 Originally published on the...


April 28 | Save the Date for the GLOS Annual Meeting and Seagull Release Party

After many, many months of connecting only virtually with much of the Great Lakes...