Smart Lake Erie Image from FrontiersIn early December, GLOS staff and partners from LimnoTech and Cleveland Water Alliance published a paper in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science that lays out vision for how people, policy, and technology innovations, working synergistically, can help make Lake Erie smart.

The paper details how, by deploying a new suite of technologies to support intelligent water management and decision-making, Lake Erie can serve as a test bed for such innovation in all the Great Lakes.

To highlight an early example of this, the paper describes a GLOS-led early warning system project to create a system that connects people with real-time data related to harmful algal blooms. By bringing together multiple types of data and sending text message alerts as conditions worsen, the system aims to make it simpler than ever before to understand what’s going on in the water and make informed decisions.

Read the paper here.

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